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We have many more services to offer. This website is a work in progress so continue to check back for more updates. If you have questions please feel free to use the message bar over to the right of the screen or give us a call at (256) 513-1444.

Cabinet Refinishing

We have a wide variety of cabinet colors to choose from. If you have a specific color for your cabinets we will take it to our paint specialist and have it matched. 

Cabinet Hardware

Along with updating the entire cabinet set, we can't forget about the hardware. Our selection of hardware will go perfectly with any paint color you choose. We have an entire catalog of hardware that will give you plenty to pick from. Also, if you have exposed hinges we can remove them and add hinges that attach to the back of the cabinet door. 

We offer hardware and hinge sales outside of a full refinish. If your looking to just update small parts of your kitchen we can assist with that as well!


We offer all different types of organization upgrades for you. We can add a place for the trashcan. We will add shelving in the cabinets to help keep kitchens and bathrooms clutter free. We are a dealer for a full line of cabinet accessories. Click over to the gallery to see more!

Replacement Doors

Many people don't like the style of the doors that are currently in their home. For many homes we order unfinished cabinet doors and drawer facings to bring your cabinets back up to date. This allows you to transform your cabinets completely without purchasing completely new cabinets. 

Trim and Crown Moulding 

We add trim and crown moulding to the cabinets to update them. 

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